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The future of repertories: Phenomena. The Repertory of Phenomenons is a completely new development – almost one million symptoms of the great Materia medica works (Allen, Boericke, Clarke, Hahnemann, Hering, Lippe, Phatak and others) have been tagged and analyzed using computer linguistic techniques and statistical methods.

Based on a phenomenon-oriented, dissociated structure, all original symptoms are stored in wording for each remedy entry. The grading of the entries according to Bayes' theorem ensures the extraction of the characteristic remedies. The free combination of phenomena allows the creation of any conceivable rubric. These groundbreaking elements enable a completely new type of repertory with unprecedented validity, transparency and flexibility. More...

Phenomena has been seamlessly integrated into the proven functionality of Analogon:

Practice management | Documentation | Billing

Analogon combines practice management, documentation, billing, repertories and Materia medica under one intuitive user interface. An electronic patient file adapted to the special needs of homeopathy supports optimized practice management, high-level case documentation and synergy effects in the area of case analysis.

Case analysis | Repertorization | Materia medica

Repertorize with Boger, Boenninghausen, Kent, Phatak or the newly developed Phenomena. Access the pharmacopoeias of Allen, Boericke, Boger, Clarke, Lippe, Hahnemann, and Hering using sophisticated search functions for detailed analysis. The powerful bilingual thesaurus ensures that all relevant rubrics and symptoms can be found. The integration of documentation and repertorization allows automatic rubric suggestions already during anamnesis.

Evaluation | Statistics | Research

The documentation of the course of treatment by means of easy-to-use questionnaires (NRS, GAS, MYMOP, CGI) proves to be a very efficient and high-quality support in everyday practice. The long-term evaluation offers new, statistically secured insights into the treatment results, which are furthermore directly available in the areas of repertorization and Materia medica.

Analogon works on Windows and macOS, as a stand-alone version or in network.

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