Documentation of homeopathic treatment

Various templates can be individually designed for the case history. Index and course symptoms as well as DD remedies are defined in the anamnesis and are always directly available in the further course of treatment. Materia medica, repertory etc. can be displayed 'floating', i.e. parallel to the documentation. The close interlocking of the components also enables automatic rubric suggestions already during anamnesis.

In case tracking, the specific parameters of the homeopathic treatment can be recorded with various instruments (NRS, GAS, CGI, MYMOP) and evaluated graphically and statistically, so that a significant increase in documentation quality is possible with minimal effort. The 'Analoga' function allows you to use the results of previous prescriptions for current cases.

The case documentation is carried out with Analogon on base of the documentation standard suggested by WissHom. This also creates a basis for practice-integrated research approaches, e.g. for clinical verification of Materia medica.

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