Practice Management & Billing

Analogon offers a comprehensive homeopathy-specific practice management. The overview presents the patient list, patient search, daily calendar and to-dos – all relevant information of the day at a glance. With one click you have access to patient's master data, medical history, course of treatment and billing of the current patients. Scanned documents (fax, reports, etc.) are as well immediately available in a patient related manner as images and film files.

In the calendar, appointments are displayed in different colors according to freely definable categories. The patient files are linked to the appointments in such a way that telephone numbers etc. are always just a mouse click away. Up to four columns can be displayed per day.

Prescriptions, medication plans, and many other forms are stored or can be freely designed. Basic data is automatically used in the creation process, and administrative effort is reduced to a minimum.

In network operation, the message function enables discreet communication between practice staff. On the Mac you can use the comfort functions of the iPhone (HandOff/Continuity, phone calls directly via the Mac) or a FritzBox.


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